UK to allow local authorities the final say on wind energy projects?

UK to allow local authorities the final say on wind energy projects?

wind energy bill could cause issues

A new Energy Bill proposed in the UK includes legislation that allows local planning authorities the final say on large wind energy projects, instead of secretary of state for energy and climate change. (Note: These changes do not apply to Scotland or Ireland, where there are different regulations in place.)
What does this mean for the wind industry? According to renewable energy companies, it will likely result in battles between local authorities and companies wanting to invest and install wind farms across the country. According to ministers, it will lead to a more ‘democratic’ process which will ‘empower’ local communities to act in their best interest.
Energy Secretary Amber Rudd wrote in a blog post:
“It’s right that local people should have the power to decide whether they want a wind farm in their area, so we’re devolving powers out of Whitehall,”
“My existing consenting powers in relation to onshore wind will transfer to local planning authorities, making decisions on energy more democratic and giving our communities a direct say on these planning decisions.”
However, not everyone was happy with this piece of news…
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said:
“Will he (David Cameron) reverse his reckless policies which are deepening our dependence on oil and gas and, instead, put our real resources into renewable energy and energy efficiency?”
If this Energy Bill is passed it will be interesting to see how planning for large wind energy projects will change. It may encourage companies to profit share with communities in order to gain the support of locals who will directly benefit from future projects.

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