University students harness wind energy from metro trains

University students harness wind energy from metro trains

wind energy project at Kalindi College

A group of University students from Delhi came up with a plan to generate electricity by harnessing the wind energy produced by Metro trains.
The Kalindi College project, which is now 2 years in the making, has the backing of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and the organization has allowed the students to install a wind turbine at one of their underground stations.
Principal investigator of the project, Punita Verma said:
“While standing at a Metro station one day, the students realized that the wind energy produced in the tunnel by these fast moving trains gets wasted, and they decided to find out how it could be harnessed,”
“Without obstructing the operation, safety and security of Metro services, it was decided to put up turbine along the underground tracks at the mouth of tunnel where the maximum wind velocity available is 6.5 meter per second (m/s),”
“In the first phase, we installed a three-blade turbine and later a five-blade light rotor turbine with a cut-in speed of less than 1.5m/s. We connected it to a battery and measured the power it generates.”
“We are now working on different designs of the turbines whose size, shape and orientation will be customized according to the wind velocity and frequency of trains at different stations. Once the design is approved by DMRC, turbine firms will be approached to make these turbines.”
It will be interesting to see the results of this trial, to determine the feasibility of future developments around the world!

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