US ranks 2nd in the world for installed wind power capacity

US ranks 2nd in the world for installed wind power capacity

wind power reaches a high in 2013


According to the 2013 Wind Report, by the Energy Department and its Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the US now ranks 2nd in the world for installed wind power capacity. The country has a total installed capacity of 61GW (supplied by 70k wind turbines), which translates to approximately 4.5% of average yearly electricity consumption. A total of 14 US States have contributed over 10MW of installed distributed wind capacity each.
The total amount of wind power invested in the United States is currently at $125 billion (since the 80’s), with $1.8 billion worth of investments made in 2013 alone. Distributed wind did extremely well last year, and now has accumulated an installed capacity of 842MW.
The strategy for the US has been to reduce carbon emissions, diversify energy resources, and develop innovations in new technologies, all of which wind power has done very well for the country.
Ernest Moniz, Energy Secretary, commented:
“As a readily expandable, domestic source of clean, renewable energy, wind power is paving the way to a low-carbon future that protects our air and water while providing affordable, renewable electricity to American families and businesses,”
“However, the continued success of the U.S. wind industry highlights the importance of policies like the Production Tax Credit that provide a solid framework for America to lead the world in clean energy innovation while also keeping wind manufacturing and jobs in the U.S.”

The wind industry does not appear to be slowing much despite the cut to subsidies and production tax credits. Here’s to continued growth in the US and around the world!

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