USGS Windfarm Mapper Tool allows you to see all the wind turbines in the US

USGS Windfarm Mapper Tool allows you to see all the wind turbines in the US

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Want to know where all the wind turbines are located in the Unites States? Well now you can, using U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Windfarm Mapper Tool which can be found online.
The point of the mapper tool was to locate all the wind farms in the US using publicly available data, to assess the wildlife impact of this renewable energy resource nationwide. The really cool thing about this map is how accurate it is, according the USGS website “The locations of all wind turbines, including the publicly available datasets, were visually verified with high-resolution remote imagery to within plus or minus 10 meters.”
So what is the purpose of this tool in the longterm? USGS writes, “In addition to the value this powerful tool has to Federal and State land managers, non-governmental organizations, the energy industry, scientists, and the public, it will be a useful component in the methodology that the USGS is developing for assessing wind energy impacts. The USGS is bringing together scientists with expertise in landscape-level science, wildlife biology, and other associated disciplines to create the methodology. Once developed, the methodology will be externally peer-reviewed and tested with pilot-level data projects. Once peer reviewed, the revised methodology will be published for others to understand and use.”
To make it easier to use, they even created a video tutorial, which you can watch here:


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