Vestas has designed a low wind 3.45MW wind turbine called the V136

Vestas has designed a low wind 3.45MW wind turbine called the V136

Vestas supplies wind farm and wind turbines

Vestas has just announced their new wind turbine, the v136, capable of generating power in low wind sites. It will be official unveiled at the Husum Wind 2015 fair tomorrow, September 15.
The new wind turbine is not expected to begin production until 2017, but will be installed at the Oesterlid test centre in Denmark.
The new v136 3MW series turbine will offer a taller tower (149m) and longer blades (66.7m) than their V126 version, which had been unveiled at a Husum event just 3 years ago.
The new tower also boasts a larger diameter, but can still meet transportation requirements by being delivered in sections.
Chief product manager at Vestas, Jan Hagen said:
“The V136-3.45 MW turbine combined with the high hub height large diameter steel tower is well-suited for low wind, space-constrained conditions such as one finds in some northern and central European markets,”
“For very low-wind sites, the V136-3.45MW variant can generate more than 10% more annual energy production compared to the V126-3.3/3.45MW.”

Sales for their original v126 have been great in the EMEA region, and has even expanded into the US and South America.

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