Voting Impact of Political Support for Wind

Voting Impact of Political Support for Wind

Many new studies are seeing the light, discussing the impact of anti-wind propaganda on wind turbine projects. However, what is the political impact of supporting renewable energy, and specifically support for wind energy development?
ComRes, a market research company in the UK, has done a study on voting intention for both the local elections and General Elections coming up in May 2015. The results may surprise you…
34% of local voters said they would be more likely vote for a party which shows support for wind energy; while at the General Election level, 31% said they would be less likely to vote for a party which does not show support for wind. When looking at the total results, 76% were “unaffected” or “positive” in their views towards parties who supported wind development.
The study reports that other social issues have much bigger impact on voting results, which suggests that parties who spend time sharing their views on the subject, would be better to focus on other topics of interest, instead of wasting their time fighting for or against wind.
Maria McCaffery Chief Executive at RenewableUK commented on the research done by ComRes, saying, “The countdown to the next national election is on, and these results show that those politicians who attack wind farms risk alienating important parts of the electorate – the very people who could decide the next election… We continually see high approval ratings for wind energy, and it’s clear that as voters go to the ballot box they keep that favourability towards wind. For the energy sector to secure the investment needed and to create tens of thousands of jobs over the next decade it’s vital that we see strong political leadership. Today’s results should encourage politicians of all parties to do just that”.
What are your views on the matter? Would you be more likely to vote for local or national candidates who show support for wind power development?

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