Whirlpool investing in wind energy again

Whirlpool investing in wind energy again

Invests in wind energy


Whirlpool Corporation has just announced another investment in wind energy, this time worth $13.5 million.
The company will be using the energy to power its Marion and Ottawa plants located in Ohio, and the move will make it one of the largest Fortune-500 companies using on-site wind energy in the US.
The Ottawa wind turbine will be operational by the end of the year while the 3 Marion turbines are scheduled for completion by 2017.
Global Sustainability Director, Whirlpool Corporation, Ron Voglewede said: “Whirlpool Corporation is proud to be a global leader in sustainable on-site energy generation for manufacturing, and this project is the latest to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and renewable solutions.”
“In addition to lowering our operational footprint and costs, we are continuing to optimize and innovate the appliances that are being built in Marion and Ottawa to lower energy and water consumption to help our consumers reduce their environmental footprints, while improving performance.”
“These wind farm projects are a great example of how global companies can make an environmental impact on a local level by investing in sustainable operations.”
Last year Whirlpool announced their involvement in the $18 million Findlay wind energy project which offset approximately 22% of electric consumption at their Findlay, Ohio plant.
According to the company, these projects “build upon the company’s 46 year commitment to advances in sustainable manufacturing.”

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