White Rock Wind Farm is well on its way

White Rock Wind Farm is well on its way

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Some of the largest wind turbines in Australia are currently being constructed in New South Wales for the White Rock Wind Farm located in the New England Tablelands.


The groundbreaking ceremony took place back in May of this year and Stage 1 of construction is supposed to be completed by late 2017 with 70 wind turbines in total and 175MW of clean energy. This first stage of construction alone will produce $35 million for the local economy including 200 jobs (with 15 remaining for the 20 year lifetime offwb the project).


Once completed the whole wind farm project will be composed of 119 wind turbines and up to 300MW supplying approximately 130,000 households with clean energy and contributing roughly $250 million to the Australian economy.


According to the website, ‘Initial development of the project was undertaken by Epuron. In 2014, Goldwind acquired WRWFPL from Epuron. In 2016, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Wind-Power Corporation (CECWPC) acquired 75% interest in WRWFPL with Goldwind retaining a 25% interest.’


Goldwin 121 2.5MW wind turbines will be used for the project, which have almost 150m tip height and a hub height of 89.5m.


Managing Director of Goldwind Australia, Mr. John Titchen said, “The removal of the 2 yearly review and the return to bipartisan RET support is welcome. White Rock Wind Farm is planned to be operating by mid-2017 at a time when new supply is needed due to increased demand under the renewable energy target.” He believes the plans for this project were successful due to the targets for renewables which had been established by the government.


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