Why wind gusts can be bad for wind energy

Why wind gusts can be bad for wind energy

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The majority of the population can probably figure out that overall windy conditions for wind turbines is definitely a good thing. However, what most people don’t know, is that wind gusts can spell disaster for wind energy.
When the wind picks up speed quickly, wind turbines are made to stop or turn out of the wind. If they didn’t, the blades of a turbine would begin to spin very quickly, turning so fast that it could potentially be unable to stop/brake. This is the dangerous circumstance when you see a wind turbine spinning out of control and breaking, and/or ends up throwing blades.
The problem with sudden gusts of wind from an energy production standpoint is twofold. First, the wind turbine must make its way back into the wind, and secondly, it must start spinning again. This takes time and energy, which could be better spent producing power.
In response to this common occurrence, Orenda has come up with a hydrostatic speed control system, which keeps our wind turbine spinning at an optimal RPM. In this way, the Skye™ wind turbine does not completely stop or rotate out of the wind due to small wind gusts; it maintains reliability, safety and offers greater power production in comparison to other turbines (no loss of production for additional stopping and starting).
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