Wind energy facts and FAQs

Wind energy facts and FAQs

wind energy facts
The Orenda blog offers a lot of up-to-date information on the latest news and happenings of the wind industry. However, did you know we also offer whitepapers along with general wind energy facts and FAQs?
Here are a couple of FAQs we have on our website right now:

Do wind turbines require constant attention and maintenance?

While a certain amount of attention should be put on a wind turbine installation’s conditions, continuous monitoring and maintenance is no more required than it would be for most household appliances. There is a small amount of scheduled maintenance to be followed, including lubricating bearings with grease, and occasional blade and tower inspection, and checking on the control unit for errors on a regular basis. The hydraulic design of the Orenda wind turbine towers allows all nacelle maintenance to be carried out on the ground, without any special equipment or working at heights. An annual inspection and Preventative Maintenance (PM) procedure can be carried out in less than one day by a field technician. The owner can check the control unit in just a few seconds visually, and a dealer can view the system status on-line using Iris in just a few minutes.

Global climate change or global warming doesn’t exist! Why go green?

It doesn’t really matter if there’s global climate change or if you have any feel-good notions about saving the planet. In the end going with wind energy can be a purely financially beneficial proposition. The moderate investment required installing and commissioning a wind turbine system can be made back in as little as 5 years depending on local electricity costs and prevailing wind conditions. At the same time, thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions will be eliminated as a by-product of the installation, and there’s nothing wrong with removing excess CO2.
To see more wind energy facts and FAQs, or to download one of our whitepapers, please visit our Wind Info page.

So what kind of questions do you have about wind power that you still don’t know the answer to? Leave your question in the comment section and we’ll try to answer it for you.

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  1. Those countries that are having unstable economy, they are striving hard for installing renewable energy resources.

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