Wind energy forecasts for the US

Wind energy forecasts for the US

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According to a new report released on, the US demand for wind energy is expected to increase by 55% through 2018, to the tune of $19 billion. While 2013 was a slow year for the US, the forecast is set high as a result of States having to meet their renewable energy targets in the coming years.
In 2012, demand for wind energy was incredibly high, due to the expiring production tax credit (PTC) at the end of the year. Developers and utility companies were pushing deadlines ahead in order to take advantage of the PTC, as its future was uncertain. Unfortunately, as of March 2014, it does not look promising that the PTC will be renewed at all for the industry.
Interesting Factoid: Surprisingly, the United States does not have any offshore wind farms! According to Wikipedia, “However, projects are under development in wind-rich areas of the East Coast, Great Lakes, and Pacific coast. In January 2012, a “Smart for the Start” regulatory approach was introduced, designed to expedite the siting process while incorporating strong environmental protections. Specifically, the Department of Interior approved “wind energy areas” off the coast where projects can move through the regulatory approval process more quickly.”
The Northeast of the United States is expected to be the home of the first offshore wind development in the years to come, thanks to strong coastal winds, and the need for lowering the high costs of electricity in this part of the country.
You can read the whole report in detail here: US Wind Turbine Systems Market.

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