Wind energy helps save Ireland €1 billion

Wind energy helps save Ireland €1 billion

wind energy


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has released a statement saying that renewable energy has saved  the country “over a €1 billion in fossil fuel imports, has reduced CO2 emissions by 12 million tonnes and has not added to consumers’ bills” in the past five years alone.
Dr. Brian Motherway, CEO of the SEAI, said, “This is all about making Ireland more energy independent – harvesting our own resources instead of importing the expensive resources of others”, he went on to explain that “wind energy is Ireland’s greatest indigenous energy resource, and we should ensure we exploit it to the benefit of the Irish people”.
Ireland spends approximately €6.5 billion a year on fossil fuel imports, and is highly dependent on these imports for energy. Dr. Motherway explains further, “Less reliance on fossil fuels gives us greater certainty on our energy prices, rather than leaving us at the mercy of international commodity price rises. It also helps attract foreign investment, as more global companies seek access to clean energy as part of their location decisions”.
In 2012, Ireland’s renewable energy resources made up a total of 7% of the country’s energy demands , with a final target of 16% of gross final consumption to come from renewables by 2020. A total of 41% of its renewable sources are currently from wind energy.

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