Wind energy in Mexico could see a $14 billion increase by 2018

Wind energy in Mexico could see a $14 billion increase by 2018

 wind energy in Mexico

Mexico’s Energy Secretariat and the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE) announced that they expect to see a total of $14 billion invested in wind energy in the next four years.
At the end of 2014, the country saw an installed capacity of 2,551MW with 31 wind farms in operation but is hoping to increase this to 9,500MW by 2018, with their long-term target for 2022 at 15GW. Gamesa Mexico, one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers, will be investing $950 million on new wind farms, while CFE, the state-run electricity company, will spend $3.55 billion on 8 wind farms at a capacity of 2,300MW.
In other Mexico wind energy news, Walmart announced that more than half of their electricity requirements came from renewables, including wind power. The company’s wind energy comes from three wind farms located in Oaxaca. The amount of energy produced is enough to power 114 thousand stores and distribution centers. The total amount of energy produced from renewables was able to save 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Like countries, more and more companies around the world are committing to renewables for energy production to offset harmful emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. As a result of a reduction in fossil fuel prices, there has also been a surge in investments for wind energy and other renewables. The main reason cited for drops in oil pricing being the weak global economic growth.

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