Wind power can generate enough electricity to power nations.

The U.S. Department of Energy has discovered that the abundance of wind flowing across the Great Plains has the ability to power the entire nation. That, combined with the wind power produced by offshore turbines in the Great Lakes area, guarantees an effective and sustainable source of electricity. As time goes on, the environment will become an increasingly important political and social issue, causing the number of wind power turbines in North America to grow. This highly economical and environmentally friendly energy source will soon dominate the industry. Orenda believes that wind power is the future of electricity. The company is committed to creating the most safe and reliable turnkey wind turbine packages to help rural individuals and communities to generate enough power for their homes and farms.

In 1999, wind power only accounted for 0.1% of the United States’ total generated electricity.

Don’t miss out on opportunity; the future of wind power is now. Over the past nine years, attitudes towards the environment have changed, causing wind power electricity to rapidly increase; wind power is now over 1% of the country’s total electricity. With the rise of green living and the popularity of the Planet Earth documentary, people are no longer blindly polluting, and countries and families alike are looking for more sustainable energy sources. The environment has become an internationally relevant topic that everyone is aware of. The government and environmentally conscious businesses and home owners are taking it upon themselves to consider more viable energy sources that are less harmful to the environment than traditional fossil fuels. Fortunately, they have found it in wind power. Orenda is committed to increasing the amount of electricity generated through wind power to help reduce the harmful effects of other energy sources on the environment.

Wind power only accounts for 1% of the earth’s generated power.

However, the number is continually rising as wind power gains ground as a profitable and effective energy source. Wind power electricity production has quadrupled over the past six years, with Denmark, Germany, the United States, and Spain, leading the pack. Denmark generates one fifth of its total electricity through wind power, which is the highest production rate in the world. The United States and European governments, businesses, and people are championing wind power, recognizing its affordability and beneficial effects on the environment. Many countries are now investing in wind power over fossil fuels, causing the industry to grow substantially from year to year. Orenda wants to supply people with the tools and knowledge they need to generate ecologically friendly electricity. Wind power does not produce air pollution while generating electricity, making it better for the environment than fossil fuels, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Orenda’s safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing wind turbines are an excellent and modern source of electricity for people looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy source.

Most wind turbines will produce about 30% of its name plate capacity over the course of a year.

This is due to location, fluctuating wind conditions and down time for proper servicing and maintenance. Great wind turbine dealers will spend considerable time doing research on the wind conditions of your proposed location, site factors, your local authorities and regulations, your utility capabilities and finding the right wind turbine for you. Orenda cares about its dealers and customers and has dedicated itself to continual product optimization and dealer training. They have successfully reduced the cost and time spent on maintenance of its wind turbines with hydraulic towers, which do not require the use of a crane to lower or raise. In addition, their dealers go through rigorous training to make sure that every Orenda wind turbine is generating electricity in a best case scenario, thereby increasing its output.