Wind Energy Information

Wind Energy Information

wind energy information


There are a handful of websites that have a wealth of wind energy information. I’ll do a rundown of some of the best ones and what they have to offer:
Mike Barnard “became a blogger on energy concerns, focusing on debunking myths about wind energy.” Mike’s blog is very useful and has a lot of in-depth information on wind energy backed by peer reviewed studies and authoritative papers. It is a well-researched and well-written source of wind energy information.
This site has a lot of information about wind power and wind turbines. They mainly use facts from peer reviewed studies.
This is Canada’s Wind Energy Atlas, which “features colour maps representing the average wind velocity and power on the whole country, as well as corresponding geophysical characteristics, all available in an easy to use browsing interface that allows you to go quickly to the heart of the meteorological data”.
This website has a ton of information on policy issues, and any/all wind energy information pertaining to Europe.
The Canadian Wind Energy Association has a small wind energy micro-site with lots of information about small wind turbines and small wind power.
This site demonstrates how wind turbines work and the factors that determine how much electricity they can produce. It has a lot of graphics and video, where you can change variables and watch the wind turbine spin faster or slower… fun!
And of course, our own Orenda blog is packed with wind energy information and industry news updates, so feel free to subscribe (on your right) to get the latest blog posts sent directly to your email.

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