Wind energy is now America’s largest renewable energy source

Wind energy is now America’s largest renewable energy source

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The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reports wind power taking first place as USA’s largest renewable energy source, thanks to incredible growth over the past year.


Hydropower dams was bumped from the top position by a sharp increase in growth thanks to wind energy’s second strongest quarter for newly installed capacity.


To celebrate this new milestone, AWEA and leaders from General Motors and the US wind energy industry met up at General Motor’s Arlington Assembly Plant.


According to their Fourth Quarter 2016 U.S. Wind Industry Market Report, wind energy accounted for 82,183 MW, which is enough capacity to power 24 million American homes.


AWEA CEO, Tom Kiernan said:
“American wind power is now the #1 source of renewable capacity, thanks to more than 100,000 wind workers across all 50 states,”


“Growing this made-in-the-USA clean energy resource helps rural communities pay for new roads, bridges, and schools, while bringing back manufacturing jobs to the Rust Belt. With our two-thirds cost reduction over the last seven years, household brands like General Motors, Walmart, and more are buying low-cost wind energy to cut costs and power their businesses. American wind power is on track to double our output over the next five years, and supply 10 percent of U.S. electricity by 2020.”


Kiernan goes on to say:
“Wind power isn’t a red or blue industry, it’s red, white and blue. Low-cost, homegrown wind energy is something we can all agree on. States like Texas and Iowa are leading the way in terms of wind turbines and wind jobs.”


According to the AWEA press release, wind energy is in “high demand from utilities and other buyers because it often provides the least expensive energy available. Wind power can bring costs down further and create American jobs thanks to policy stability that passed in 2015 with bipartisan support in Congress.”


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