Wind energy is supplementing income for UK farmers

Wind energy is supplementing income for UK farmers

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As the cost of energy is rising and the income for UK farmers is falling (due to a couple of years of poor harvests and bad weather), many of them have decided to invest in wind energy as a way to generate additional revenue.
Most of the farm lands in the UK, and Scotland in particular, are quite exposed and actually make ideal wind sites, so it makes sense to install wind turbines in order to generate income.
Wind turbines are no longer just about helping organizations to become ‘green’ or to help in producing electricity for operations. Wind energy has become a good investment, and a new revenue stream for rural owners/farmers.
It is estimated that 500 planning applications for wind turbine installations are still being considered across the UK and more is expected as the deadline of Dec 31 quickly approaches (for pre-registration with Ofgem).
According to the Small and Medium Wind Market Report by RUK, the installed small wind capacity in the UK will approach 200MW in 2013, which is fast approaching 216MW capacity of the US in 2012. This has been a result of the FiT program put in place; the planning process for larger turbines is now considerably longer than for small ones.
All these conditions make it easier for farmers to install small-scale wind turbines and reap the benefits of wind energy by generating revenue and creating a greener future, which is something we will all benefit from!

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