Wind energy news: Community wind turbines reduce costs and share profits

Wind energy news: Community wind turbines reduce costs and share profits

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This week in wind energy news: Lynn, Massachusetts has finished erecting a 660kW wind turbine that will help the them save approximately $60k a year in electricity costs for their 40–acre sewage treatment plant. The wind turbine is expected to start spinning by the end of this month.
The project will cost the city a grand total of $700k after grants by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Environmental Protection reduced the overall price tag from $1.8 million.
Many cities around the globe are now using wind turbines to help their communities reduce electricity costs or generate revenue.
Another good example this week is the Little River project which consists of a 1.99MW Vestas wind turbine, which will be able to power 650 homes annually. The company called Scotian Windfields is owned by 800 Nova Scotian families, and is committed to donating a portion of the revenue generated by their projects to the local community, up to $10k a year.
The benefits of community wind also includes employment opportunities for locals in the installation and maintenance of the wind turbines.
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