Wind energy pays $222 million a year to landowners in the US

Wind energy pays $222 million a year to landowners in the US


Wind energy on a farm in Scotland

Orenda’s Skye wind turbine located on a farm in Scotland.


According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) thanks to wind energy, rural farmers and landowners make $222 million a year, with $156 million going to counties with ‘below average incomes’.
Wind power has long been praised for helping to supplement farmers’ incomes, especially in times of low crops yields or droughts when regular farming activities do not generate the income they were meant to.
Wind energy also saves a whopping 226 gallons of water PER AMERICAN each year, which would normally be used to cool thermal power plants.
CEO of AWEA, Tom Kiernan said:
“The rapid growth of wind energy largely benefits rural communities, including some of the most economically distressed parts of the U.S.,”
“Wind farms pay $222 million dollars a year to U.S. farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners, helping them to make ends meet, send their kids to college, or even keep that 100-year old ranch in the family. By continuing to grow this locally-made, drought-resistant cash crop, wind power can unleash even greater economic and water-saving benefits for these communities.”
One farmer commented on how wind energy helped to save his livelihood; Jason Wilson from Calhan, Colorado said, “The wind farm allowed us to be able to keep our family farm. We had come to a point where it no longer made financial sense to keep the property even with its vast sentimental value. The wind farm balanced the financial viability with the sentimental value, allowing the family farm to continue to be passed on to the next generation.”
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