Wind energy responsible for one third of electricity generated in Iowa

Wind energy responsible for one third of electricity generated in Iowa

Iowa is leading in wind energy production in the US wind farm


Wind energy generated 35.8% of the electricity for the state of Iowa between August 2015 and July 2016, according to a report released by the American Wind Energy Assocation (AWEA).


Iowa has an installed capacity of 6,000MW of wind energy, enough to power 1.6 million US homes, and is second only to Texas with an installed capacity of 18,000MW. However, Iowa has the highest percentage of their electricity generated from wind energy in the entire country, with Kansas and South Dakota not far behind.


Iowa’s not showing signs of slowing either, the state recently approved another wind energy project worth $1 billion. The state already has roughly $12 billion invested in their wind industry and support approximately 7,000 jobs.


American Wind Energy Association’s board chairman and president of the wind energy company Vestas Americas, Chris Brown said, “As I’m fond of saying, wind is winning. Wind is winning here in Iowa, wind is winning in America, and wind will continue to win in the rest of the world.”


The Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad said, “In Iowa, we embrace our renewable energy leadership. Iowa is blessed with tremendous renewable resources, and we’re well-positioned to continue to build on that leading position.”


Vice president at Alliant Energy, Terry Kouba said, “Wind is producing an ever-increasing percentage of the energy our customers use. The benefits for Iowans and Iowa communities are undeniable.”


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