Wind energy saved Spaniards big money in 2013

Wind energy saved Spaniards big money in 2013

wind energy

Wind energy  made up 20.9% of Spain’s power generation in 2013, according to a report done by Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE).
Spain is considered the first country to have renewable energy as its main source of energy for 2013, at a total of 42.4%. Wind energy for the country rose by 13.2% from 2012 and produced 54,478 GWh of electricity, which is enough to supply 15.5 million households.
There is a direct correlation between the money saved and the production of wind power for Spain. On one of the windiest days of the year, Spaniards paid 7.69 euros/MWh and in December when the wind had slowed considerably, the price had gone up to 112 euros/MWh.
Unfortunately, with good news comes the bad, the uncertainty of the Government’s energy reform brings about a lot of mixed feelings for 2014, as companies wait for the decision to be made, which may considerably decrease the expected income from wind energy generation. Until the decision is made, a lot of investors will be hesitant to bank their money on renewable energy.
Spain has reduced CO2 emissions by 20% over the past 16 years and hopes to increase this trend into the future with the support of their government.

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