Wind energy saves the day in Texas this week

Wind energy saves the day in Texas this week

wind energy


In Texas, wind energy saved the day and warmed the houses of many Texans when fossil-fuel plants shut down due to weather-related issues on Monday.
Wind turbines were able to provide about 1800 MW of energy, which was just enough electricity to avoid power outages in the state. A similar scenario happened back in 2011, when demand for electricity peaked with escalated temperatures.
Oddly enough, despite wind energy coming to the rescue, some naysayers are taking this opportunity to downplay the benefits of wind. Adam Sinn, a Houston-based independent energy trader said, “It’s a nice story for wind, but it’s scary that they are relying on it in emergency situations… I think wind should be looked at as a buffer and that the grid should always have fossil fuel resources to prevent an event.”

If fossil-fuels were so beneficial and reliable, wind energy wouldn’t have been required to pick up the slack. Does anyone else see the irony?
Jeff Clark, executive director of The Wind Coalition, says, “The wind is a variable resource, but the important thing is that it is not a random resource. It is highly predictable, it is forecastable, and in this situation, the forecast and the actual generation were very close together.”

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