Offshore wind farm effects are simulated using software

Offshore wind farm effects are simulated using software

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With the help of National Oceanography Centre and STFC’s Hartree Centre, the University of Liverpool is using TELEMAC3D software developed by EDF Energy to simulate the effects of an offshore wind farm. EDF Energy has funded this work along with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
The study is meant to optimize the placement of wind farms close to shore lines in order to avoid ‘potential impact on water flow and sedimenttransport, which can affect coastal flooding, shoreline erosion and dredging requirements for shipping channels.’
School of Engineering, University of Liverpool’s Dr Ming Li said:
“Large-scale offshore wind energy developments have a relatively short pedigree in the UK, so the Hartree Centre’s ability to model impacts with greater accuracy and speed is a significant development for the offshore wind industry and its various stakeholders.”
According to the study so far:
Initial indications from the simulations showed that the wind farm’s long-term contribution to large-scale sediment movement may be much greater than previously estimated – highlighting the potential need for mitigation measures in the future. If confirmed by further work, these insights could aid the siting and construction of coastal defences and tidal or wave energy devices, as well as offshore wind farms. They could also be of value to local authorities, local industries and the coastal science community, while providing the basis for new research proposals to EPSRC on the effects of offshore wind farms on UK coastal waters.
As stated above, studies like this will make sure that any offshore wind farm developments in the future will have the least negative impact on the surrounding environment due to proper siting and construction.

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