Wind farm in Scotland gets approval

Wind farm in Scotland gets approval

Luz De Viento is constructing a wind farm in Scotland

A wind farm in Scotland, consisting of 22 wind turbines, has been approved by the government in West Lothian. The Harburnhead wind farm will be capable of powering approximately 31,000 homes with 66MW of electricity.
It is estimated that this new wind farm, which will be located near West Calder, will create 80 jobs and roughly £9m for the local economy. Luz de Viento is the company behind this new wind farm, and is working closely with the Harburn Community Development Trust in order to share the profits and help to support local initiatives.
Another proposed 69MW wind farm close to Harburnhead (by the Louis Dreyfus Group) was rejected by the government on the grounds of unacceptable adverse visual and landscape impacts.
Fergus Ewing, Energy Minister, said “Scotland is already providing over a third of the UK’s renewable electricity generation and helping to keep the lights on across our islands at a time where there is an increasingly tight gap between electricity supply and demand,”
“The Harburnhead wind farm will create jobs both in its construction and during its lifetime. The community fund that has been offered by the developer will bring considerable benefits to the local community,”
“We want to see the right developments in the right places, and that is why I have refused permission for the proposed wind farm at Fauch Hill, which I consider would have brought unacceptable impacts on the landscape, particularly the Pentland hills.”

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