Wind farms are funding community projects in Ireland

Wind farms are funding community projects in Ireland

Wind farms located in Ireland have begun funding community projects to the tune of €45,000 this year alone, supporting 12 communities in total, including Ballycoog, Ballyfad, Coolgreany, Croghan, Kilanerin, and Rathpierce.
One of this year’s recipients, The Ballyfad Community Hall Committee received a 12 year commitment to fund the construction of their new community hall (€95,000 in total; with roughly €7,900 paid per year).
There is an application process and eligibility requirements which can be found at the WindFarm Community Funds website. If anyone was unsuccessful with their applications this year, they are encouraged to keep applying as a total of roughly €1.3 million will be given to community projects over 25 years (for as long as the wind farms are operational). The next wave of funding will commence in Fall 2016.
Project Director, Raheenleagh Wind Farm, Peter O’Hagan said: “The community fund which opened in September of last year received immense interest from the beginning with a total of 33 applications. The quality of all applications demonstrated an immense understanding of the long-term needs of their communities. It was only with the input of six local committee members that we were able to whittle it down to the final 12.”

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