Wind power generates almost 44% of new electricity in the EU in 2014

Wind power generates almost 44% of new electricity in the EU in 2014

wind power jumps in 2014 for EU


According to EWEA’s 2014 European statistics report, almost 11.4GW of wind power was installed in the European Union in 2014, a total worth of between €13.1 billion and €18.7 billion.
Germany led the EU in new wind installations for the year, at 5.3GW, followed by the UK at 1.7GW with Sweden and France almost tied for third at 1.05GW and 1.04GW respectively. Previously large markets like Denmark, Spain and Italy have seen their contributions significantly decrease this past year by 90.4%, 84.3% and 75.4% respectively.
The highest energy installation rates came from wind, solar PV and coal, however interestingly, coal (gas and oil) also decommissioned more than they installed for the year.
Here are some key summarized facts from the report:

  • There is now 128.8 GW of installed wind power capacity in the EU: approxi­mately 120.6 GW onshore and just over 8 GW offshore
  • Since 2000, 29.4% of new capacity installed has been wind power, 56.2% renewables and 91.1% renewables and gas combined
  • The wind power capacity installed by the end of 2014 would, in a normal wind year, produce 284 TWh of electricity, enough to cover 10.2% (of which 1% from offshore wind) of the EU’s electricity consumption – up from 8% the year before
  • 2014 shows the negative impact of market, regulatory and political uncertainty sweeping across Europe. Destabilised legislative frameworks for wind energy are undermining investments
  • Renewable power installations accounted for 79.1% of new installations during 2014: 21.3 GW of a total 26.9 GW of new power capacity, up from 72% the previous year

It will be fascinating to see what 2015 will bring to the wind power market in the European Union!

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