Wind power generates over 50% of Denmark’s energy needs in December

Wind power generates over 50% of Denmark’s energy needs in December

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Another record for wind! According to, Denmark was able to meet exactly 54.8% of its energy demands through wind power alone in the month of December, all thanks to strong winds.
This is the first time a country was able to use wind power to meet over half of its energy needs. Even more unbelievable, on December 21st the electricity required for the whole country was generated by wind power alone.

Henrik Stiesdal, CTO at Siemens Wind Power wrote, “The figures speak volumes about the possibility of integrating very considerable wind energy shares in the electricity supply. Only a few decades ago a wind share of 10-15% was considered the realistic maximum.”
“For wind turbine manufacturers and developers the 2013 Denmark results are extremely useful. Being able to demonstrate with reference to solid data that such high wind shares are possible without grid issues really supports the further development of our market and industry.”

It’s exciting to see wind power making such a positive impact, and able to meet the needs of communities and countries all over the world.
You can read more about wind power saving the day in Texas, and in the UK.

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