Wind power giant takes on 36,000 more investors in latest IPO

Wind power giant takes on 36,000 more investors in latest IPO

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Dong Energy, the leader in offshore wind power, has 36,000 more investors thanks to their latest IPO, bringing the company’s total worth to £11 billion.
Once operational by 2020, the company will own the largest offshore wind farm in the world (Hornsea Project One), with over 170 wind turbines powering more than 1 million homes.
Chief Executive of Dong, Henrik Poulsen said: “I’m pleased with the positive feedback received from investors all around the world and the trust they have shown us by becoming shareholders in Dong Energy.
“We’ll work hard to deliver on their expectations as we continue to lead the transition to a more sustainable energy system.
“All Dong Energy employees should take pride in having built one of the fastest growing, greenest, and most innovative energy groups in Europe.”
Chairman of Dong, Thomas Thune Andersen said: “It’s a privilege to welcome all new shareholders, both the professional investors and the many Danish private investors.
“I see it as a vote of confidence in the management and the many talented and dedicated employees, who persistently strive to make Dong Energy a world-leading renewable energy company.
Danish Minister of Finance, Claus Hjort Frederiksen said: “As a representative of the majority shareholder I’m pleased to see that there has been a lot of interest in becoming part of the ownership of Dong Energy – both among retail and professional investors.
“It gives Dong Energy a solid foundation to retain and develop its position as one of the leading green energy companies in the world.
“Recognition goes to the management and employees, for all of their hard work in connection with the IPO.”
Wind power continues to dominate the renewables market and investors have taken notice. Many large corporations and organizations have invested in wind energy for both ROI and to reduce their carbon footprint.

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