Wind turbine competitions becoming more popular for children of all ages

Wind turbine competitions becoming more popular for children of all ages

wind turbine competition

In a previous post, I talked about the KidWind Challenge that was open to children from middle and high schools. And now there is another wind turbine competition for university students, taking place at the AWEA conference in Las Vegas this year, from May 5-7. A total of 10 groups of students will be going head to head in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition.
Each team has to build a prototype wind turbine, which will be tested in a wind tunnel (designed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) for performance levels, power control, and safety ratings.  The groups must also write up a strong business plan for their wind turbine, and discuss their knowledge of the current state of the marketplace for wind energy in a presentation given at the competition. The team with the highest score for all 3 elements of the contest will win national recognition for their school and their wind turbine will be displayed at the DOE headquarters building in Washington, D.C.
Want to see the competition yourself? Anyone can attend the competition and place their vote for the People’s Choice Award. All you need to do is register for badges to gain access to the Shorelines A exhibit hall.
By the way, want to know who won the KidWind Challenge this year? A group of students who named themselves the Wind Surfers from DeAnza Academy of Technology and the Arts (DATA) in Ventura, Calififornia won the middle school award, and the Blade Runners from Copley High School in Copley, Ohio won the award for high school students. They each won a $1000 cash grand prize for their efforts; not bad for a wind turbine competition!

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