Wind turbine inspections with drones?!

Wind turbine inspections with drones?!

wind turbine drone inspections

A two-year study is being conducted by the University of North Dakota’s Technology Accelerator research center to develop Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) which would automate inspections for wind turbines and other hard to reach equipment in different industries.
Kevan Rusk, who is the director and head of the research center said, “You can almost name the industry that processing could be applied to, including pipelines, precision agriculture, salt water disposal wells in the oilfield and power lines.”
“They’ll have an opportunity to do inspections faster and more economically. It’s an added tool for the toolbox,”
“The UAS is just a tool to gather data, (however) the bigger value is to be able to automatically process the data.”
The University was given a $450,000 grant by Research North Dakota which ended up being matched by EdgeData, a Grand Forks-based data analysis company. For this particular project, EdgeData has also partnered with another company called LM Wind Power to develop a data analysis tool that will analyze the images taken by the drone to further reduce technician time reviewing photos. LM Wind Power will also be the first customer for the product after it is commercially deployed.
Senior Manager for Regional Technology for LM Wind Power, John Jeno said, “Automated condition assessment and integration in our service processes will serve the wind energy industry and its customers with higher efficiencies, lower costs and life extensions.”
Co-founder of EdgeData, Greg Thorsteinson said, “EdgeData wants to create value for the North Dakota taxpayer in return for their support.”
“This grant will accelerate the process of developing and refining this technology to enhance energy efficiency, protect workers, save money and create value.”

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