Wind turbine life span: New study confirms 25 years

Wind turbine life span: New study confirms 25 years

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A new study recently published by the Imperial College Business School, has shown that wind turbines will easily last 25 years before needing to be upgraded, especially newer models, which may last even longer.
A previous study created a stir when it estimated that the output of wind turbines decline by a third after 10 years of operation. However, the statistical model was significantly flawed, as it looked at average wind speeds, instead of actual, which greatly diminished the output calculations.
This new study, looked at exact wind measurements using data from NASA, which was collected over a 20 year period, so they could measure the speeds at each site specifically, and then calculate actual output of wind turbines over time.
The final results were astounding:
“The team found that the UK’s earliest turbines, built in the 1990s, are still producing three-quarters of their original output after 19 years of operation, nearly twice the amount previously claimed, and will operate effectively up to 25 years.  This is comparable to the performance of gas turbines used in power stations.
The study also found that more recent turbines are performing even better than the earliest models, suggesting they could have a longer lifespan. The team says this makes a strong business case for further investment in the wind farm industry.”
The co-author of the paper, and a research fellow at Imperial College Business School, Dr. Iain Staffell said, “Our study provides some certainty, helping investors to see that wind farms are an effective long-term investment and a viable way to help the UK tackle future energy challenges.”
It is important that legitimate and well-though out studies are conducted, especially when the future of energy is riding on these papers to aide in decision making.

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