Wind turbine support in the media

Wind turbine support in the media

wind turbine


It is all too common to see wind turbines being protested against in various parts of the world, mainly through fear mongering tactics by anti-wind lobbyists. However, there have been a lot of positive studies and commentary being shared in support of the wind industry as well.
I wanted to share a few pieces that have been written by pro-wind enthusiasts to help spread some more positivity in the industry and in support of wind turbines all over the world:

Wind turbines: beauty is in the eye of beholder
Snippet from article:
“The cost of onshore wind is now £90/MWh but it is coming down, the cost of gas is £77/MWh but is rising and will continue to rise.
Each household in the UK subsidises onshore wind by just £6 per year, this subsidy is to meet the cost of new grid connections etc..
Nuclear power has already been subsidised and will need to be for many years after our old nuclear plants have closed. Oil and gas are likely to cost us with wars in far flung lands to ensure that we have those supplies.”

Windmills are things of beauty
“Wind power also has its downsides. It’s highly visible and can kill birds. But any man-made structure (not to mention cars and house cats) can kill birds — houses, radio towers, skyscrapers. In Toronto alone, an estimated one million birds collide with the city’s buildings every year. In comparison, the risk to birds from well-sited wind farms is low. Even the U.K.’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says scientific evidence shows wind farms “have negligible impacts” on birds when they are appropriately located.”

Backing the power of wind
“The story correctly notes the problems that large-scale wind power is facing. With all the subsidies that dirty fossil-fuel power has had for the past century, it is pathetic that large-scale wind power will falter if Congress kills the production tax credit for renewable energy. Even now, some companies are scaling back on wind investments in Virginia because of future uncertainty.
The health of Virginians, and particularly our children, hinges on deploying clean, carbon-free energy soon. U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Jim Webb should work to extend the production tax credit for wind.”



And if you’re curious to see what the current share of electricity generation by resource is in the UK, and in France, check these sites out:
It’s interesting to see how wind turbines are contributing to the energy mix, and having a positive impact on some powerful influencers, and citizens not afraid to share their opinions.

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