Wind turbine to bring power to Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Wind turbine to bring power to Queen Elizabeth Hospital

wind turbine install

A wind turbine (with almost 1MW capacity) has been installed close to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn this past February and is expected to be operational by the end of this week. The electricity generated is enough to power just over 350 homes, but will significantly reduce the hospital’s energy costs instead by feeding directly into their power grid.
The hospital’s chief executive, Dorothy Hosein said: “This is just part of our energy strategy which seeks to make the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as cost effective as possible when it comes to our energy needs.”
Ecotricity is the company behind the wind turbine and has absorbed all costs related to it, including installation and ongoing maintenance. The electricity generated will be bought by the hospital at a 20pc discount, and will amount to a reduced carbon footprint of over 600 tonnes in carbon dioxide production every year.
Michael de Whalley from the West Norfolk Green Party said: “While I think it is great that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is embracing renewable energy and taking the issue serious, it is a shame that the wind turbine has been placed close to an historic site.
“But then again, windmills have traditionally been part of the Norfolk and Fenland landscape for many years. These modern wind turbines may look out of place, but we see them as replacing the structures that were previously there.”
The project has been in the works for over 7 years with approval for the project happening in 2010.


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