Wind Turbine Training

Wind Turbine Training

wind turbine training

As renewable energy becomes a more popular source of generating electricity, many colleges across North America are offering wind turbine training and educational programs based on engineering and mechanics.
Here are some Colleges in Canada which currently offer wind turbine training programs:

  • Lethbridge College: Wind Turbine Technician – Certificate
  • Holland College: Wind Turbine Technician – Certificate
  • St. Lawrence College: Wind Turbine Technician Certificate/ Industrial Electrician Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship
  • Northern Lights College: Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Certificate
  • Great Plains College: Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Certificate
  • Cambrian College: Wind Turbine Technician – Certificate

As part of the effort of increasing awareness of renewable energy, some non-profit organizations are also starting to teach children at a younger age about wind and solar.
In Canada TREC (Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative) Education is a non-profit organization which educates children in both elementary and secondary school about renewable energy sources through hands-on learning and workshops.
Additionally, Lethbridge College, in Alberta has a ‘Wind Energy Youth Camp’ for children ages 8-12. As stated on their website, ‘this “green” camp consists of a full day worth of learning, interaction, games, crafts, and fun. Children attending this camp will learn how wind energy is created and why it is important for themselves, southern Alberta, and the whole world. The kids will also learn how to get their schools and families excited about wind energy and they’ll even have a chance to create a little wind energy of their own.”
These organizations realize that children are the world’s future, and when we teach them about energy conservation and renewable energy, they often pass along this useful information to their immediate families. Information sharing is common among younger students, and help to shape the views and actions of their families as a result.
Many of our children will continue to see drastic increases in employment in the renewable energy industry as a whole. It is estimated by the Global Wind Energy Council, that approximately 240,000 people were employed by the wind industry in the EU alone in 2011. This number continues to rise drastically each year as we install more wind farms across the globe.
Knowing what we know about the growth pattern of renewable energy, do you think wind turbine training and diploma programs should be more prevalent at colleges throughout the world?

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