Wind turbine warranties: An important factor in purchase decisions!

Wind turbine warranties: An important factor in purchase decisions!

wind turbine warranties

Small-scale wind turbine sales are on the rise, especially in wind-rich countries like Scotland. There are many factors to consider when making such a significant investment, and wind turbine warranties are one of the most important to look at.
Orenda has a fact sheet on the subject, entitled Protecting Your Valuable Asset: Warranty and Product Insurance.
A snippet can be found below:


“The associated warranty is an important component of a wind turbine investment and should be investigated fully prior to making a purchasing decision. In addition to learning what the warranty includes, there are other important factors to consider.
Make sure the manufacturer is able to fulfill warranty promises
The manufacturer should have a plan to meet the warranty obligations for their products. Ideally, the manufacturer should have a warranty reserve, where a percentage of wind turbine sales are set aside to cover potential warranty claims.
Learn the responsibilities of the client
Most warranties outline a service and maintenance schedule that must be adhered to for the warranty to be valid. If this is the case, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure the proper service and maintenance is carried out….”

To read the entire paper regarding wind turbine warranties, please visit our Wind Info page. You can also view the rest of our educational and helpful whitepapers while you’re there!

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