Wind turbines and the bigger picture: It’s not just about birds, it’s about all forms of life!

Wind turbines and the bigger picture: It’s not just about birds, it’s about all forms of life!

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A bird charity in the UK is causing waves with their decision to install a wind turbine at their headquarters.
The UK’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds will install a wind turbine at their headquarters in Bedfordshire. Realizing that other energy sources are having a much larger impact on the environment and wildlife than renewable energy sources, the charity wrote:

“We hope that by building a wind turbine at our UK headquarters, we will demonstrate to others that with a thorough environmental assessment, the correct planning and location, renewable energy options like this one in Sandy and a healthy, thriving environment can go hand in hand.”

What is extremely interesting is that many anti-wind activists often cite bird deaths as being among the biggest objections for wind turbines. So why would a bird charity of all organizations support wind energy in such a blatant way?
The Conservation Director RSPB, Martin Harper said:

“We care deeply about wildlife, not just today but for the generations to come. So we cannot stand by as climate change threatens some of our most precious species.
A wind turbine at our UK headquarters is the single biggest step we can take to reduce our carbon emissions.
We know that wind turbines in the wrong place can damage wildlife, and we have objected to proposals up and down the country which we believe would harm species.  However all the evidence shows that when they are sited carefully wind turbines can produce clean, green energy without harming birds and other species.”

I’m hoping more anti-wind groups will realize that bird deaths are avoidable with proper wind turbine siting and planning. The benefits of renewable energy far outweigh the cons, especially when compared to other energy sources.
It’s not just about our birds, it’s about all the other animals in this world, and plant life and how our energy choices are affecting us. What about our water and our food? Why are the anti-wind groups unconcerned about the poisoning of our world from coal, nuclear, oil and gas?
I think if we all look at the bigger picture, renewable energy is the way of the future… if we want to have one that is.

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