Wind turbines help farmers make ends meet

Wind turbines help farmers make ends meet

farmers are leasing land for wind turbines


Farming is one of the toughest industries to be in, some aspects are out of the control of farmers, like the weather or supply prices. Many farmers are turning to alternative ways to generate income, like leasing their unused land for wind turbine developers.
Companies like Nextera Energy Resources, based in Florida, lease land from landowners or farmers who have ideal sites for wind turbine installations. It is a win-win for both, as they are able to product income and profits from electricity generation.
Once such family, the Tuckers, have leased their land for 4 Nextera wind turbines. Monte Tucker said:
“We’ve been in a record drought the last four years. Started October of 2010. We sold off 40 percent of our cow herd. To put that in terms, we lost 40 percent of our factory.”
“We had no grass, we had no wheat, water was getting tough. So, yes, income from wind generation did help fill in a gap to help us get to this point today.”
However, a lot of opposition around wind turbines has been brewing, especially in Oklahoma state government, and Tucker isn’t happy about it, ““What bothers me is a group of people in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can dictate my property rights in Roger Mills County,” he says. “If you’re going to take my right — take one of the sticks out of my bundle — you better compensate me for it.”
Farmers often face opposition from either neighbours or local/state legislation that prevents them or limits their ability to lease their land for wind energy. Still, many of them all over the world are using wind turbines to supplement their income, especially in troubling times or with uncertain future.
Would you support a local farmer who wanted to install a wind turbine on his land? Leave a comment down below.

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