Windfarm Sickness: Spread by Anti Wind Groups

Windfarm Sickness: Spread by Anti Wind Groups

Windfarm sickness

Windfarm sickness has been a hot topic for our industry since the beginning. There have been many heated debates on whether or not wind turbines can cause people to become ill or affect their wellbeing in any way.
Psychologically, it is found that the more we fixate on something, the more we bring it about to happen, or believe that it’s happening….
And so this new study in Australia has proved just that! The report led by Simon Chapman, PhD FASSA shows that where anti wind farm groups have been prevalent are where the vast majority of complaints exist. And 79% of the noise and health complaints began after 2009 when these groups began using health concerns as a way to encourage locals to help abolish the installation of wind turbines. It was a type of fear-mongering tactic used to discourage this form of renewable energy.
The study is a focused look into the unfortunate effects of anti wind groups on the public. Read more about the health and noise study conducted at the Sydney School of Public Health.

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