Windsor students build micro wind turbines for rural villages

Windsor students build micro wind turbines for rural villages

wind turbine for rural villages

Two Windsor students have developed micro wind turbines that can be used to generate power in rural villages all over the world. Lucas Semple and Kyle Bassett came up with the idea as they were travelling around remote areas of Central America together about 5 years ago.
Their micro wind turbines can be manufactured using a 3D printer, in about 2 hours and takes less than a minute to full assemble. The reason behind using a 3D printer to build the wind turbines is to reduce the significant costs of shipping parts to remote locations around the world. In this way, they are able to manufacture and assemble the wind turbines on location, making it incredibly affordable to generate electricity.
Lucas Semple said “Even for a two-foot-long-by-six-inch-diameter case, international shipping costs are very high, and they’re actually more than it costs us to make the turbine,”
“So by producing them down there, it’s cost-efficient. We can help the local people and get it to them directly.”
The micro wind turbines have a modest capacity of 5 watts of electricity, enough to power a GPS device, use a flashlight or charge a cellphone. However, Semple says that access to even a little bit of power can be life changing for communities who have none at all.
The students are currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $40,000 for their project. They are hoping to return to Nicaragua and build 50 of these wind turbines for the people in remote locales.
Bassett would like to see people build their own micro wind turbines through open source licensing, “It is now practical, affordable and easy for anyone to use clean wind energy to power the electronics of their life. With Kickstarter support, we will empower anyone to download, print and create their own micro turbine in the matter of hours.”
Check out their video here:

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